6th Annual Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life

One of the events in SL I look forward to with much eagerness and anticipation each year is the Home & Garden Expo. This years event is well underway, having began last Friday, and will continue thru this Sunday, June 2. There is so much to see and do at the Expo, it’d be best to head on over ASAP and check it out. I know that’s what I’ll be doing as soon as I log in after having had to be away with RL since last week!

Home Expo 2013 Logo

You do not have to be a land or home owner to enjoy the Home & Garden Expo. You can find classes to take to get you started in building, breedable vendors to help you find a pet to share love with and of course, you can wander and dream of living in these beautiful homes in RL! There is even a hunt if you are a hunt lover like me! There is sure to be something for everyone there.

A Spring Afternoon

Two Moon Gardens is a shop that is new to me, and am sure I’ll be visiting their mainstore soon after seeing their beautiful set up at Expo. Their offering for RFL is this beautiful Cherry Blossom Garden scene. It is modable too, which is a plus for me, as I can slide bits around to fit my land space just right. Organica, a long time favorite of mine, has some gorgeous tulips specially colored in purple and orange for RFL, you wont want to miss these either. I’ve scattered a few around the bench that comes with this set from Two Moon, which incidently, comes well stocked with couples and singles poses.


I’ve included a map which should help you get around, as well as some important links. Prepare for lag, always a good idea for any event, it will make your experience much more enjoyable. Allow plenty of time, and do not delay, as you just may find yourself spending a lot more time then you anticipated at the Expo. Have fun, enjoy the scenery, get some new things, and help a great cause, you can’t go wrong! I am sure I will be spending the bulk of my SL time there over the last days, I do hope to see you there!




Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Cherry Blossom Place – Two Moon Gardens, by Bunnie Badger (Two Moon Gardens @ Expo)
Mesh Tulips (RFL) – Organica, by Aki Shichiroji (Organica @ Expo)

Skin – Tuli – Eva – Petal , with Deviant Misfit Lips, by Tuli Asturias
Dress – PurpleMoon – Blair, by Poulet Koenkamp (Hunt Gift – Grand Opening of Invictus Estates)
Hair – Truth – Tenille – Night, by Truth Hawks
Shoes – Redgrave – Doro, by Emilia Redgrave
Nails – Bamboo Nails – Drow, by RubyRedRusset
Ring – Earthstones – Ever After Bridal – Gold, by Abraxxa Anatine
Eyes – IKON – Vanity Eyes – Denim (former group gift)
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle


Home & Garden Expo 2012 – Run, Don’t Walk!

It’s one of my favorite times of year in SL, a time when (just like I do in RL) I get so excited by all the pretty new houses and gardens and just wish I could move in to all of them. It’s Home & Garden Expo time! Sadly, this event is much much too short, for as big as it is, and for as much as there is to see and do, there is just never enough time. Tomorrow, the 28th, will be the last day for this years Expo, so drop what you are doing now, and run, don’t walk, there. I’d originally planned to do several postings, with the theme of “moving in” to builds so compelling I’d no choice but to just…move in. As usual, my hopes were much larger and more extravagant then I could pull off, and stuff happened, and I missed a few days, and then I managed to spend a day or two taking many many pics for putting into some posts. RL plans were to visit family for an extended holiday week, so I tuned up the ol laptop so I could blog while away, saved my pics to a jump drive, and we hit the highway for the big city. I guess its time I get with the times, as I should have saved the pics to a cloud or some such, as it turns out, the drive was corrupt, and I am miles away from my PC, and…my pics of the lovely Expo!!! I apologize to all the builders and designers at Expo, for I am unable to show any pics of their amazing and captivating creations this year. Everyone must take my word for it, and trust that it is worth the time, and the inevitable lag, to go spend some time (and Lindens) at this years Expo. I also suggest you peek back at earlier postings on this blog, Jeni’s got some beautiful pics of Expo to give you some temptation and encouragement.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Home & Garden Expo benefits RFL, and that many of the best designers have special items out for their donation items, but I’ll tell you again. I don’t know how many there are for sure, but there are 14 sims full of them. At this late date, I’d suggest you quickly check the Sim Listing page and pick your favorites and head on over. Turn your graphic settings down low, de-script yourself, dress comfortably, grab your beverage of choice and get power shopping now. Expo ends tomorrow, so seriously, Run! Don’t Walk! Run! Immediately! I’ll be back home in a few days, so keep an eye on my flickr and I’ll get a few of my favorite pics posted there.

Some of the places Catty moved into during Expo week, in no particular order:
Dutchies, Rustica, Insight Designs, L2 Studio, What Next, Sway’s, Windowshopping with Neva Crystall, New Trails, Organica, HomeKraft, Tether’s End, Funky Junk, Thistle, Abiss, Weather! or Not?, Trompe Loleil, Barnesworth Anubis, Hanaya, Interior Addiction, Cheeky Pea, Second Spaces, Mudhoney, Clutter, reBourne, Alchemy Immortalis, True North, Leezu, KittyCats and sooooo many more that I didn’t get time to look at. Make notes, as I did, and make sure to visit the main stores after the Expo.

Have a great holiday if you’re in the US, and a great day if you’re not, and see you at these shops, or others, soon! Say hi if you see me out and about, you just might find yourself in a future blog post!!

Links you’ll need for Expo

Home & Garden Expo Official Blog – You’ll find maps, and much more here
DreamSeeker Estates – Expo Underwriters – That means without them, nothing. These people are amazing, they do so much for us all. See them for all your land needs.
Sim Maps and Listings – You’ll need this for power shopping.
Preview Pics of Exclusive Donation items you will want to get while you can.
RFL Official Site – More amazing people doing amazing things.
RFL of SL Blog (Includes a listing of events happening)

It’s Time to FFL! It’s Time for a Cure! It’s Time to make Harper Fly!!!

Time is running down fast, much much faster then we realize as I have piles of pics yet to process for posting, and so much shopping yet to do!! Shops I haven’t even had time to get to yet during Fashion For Life 2012 and there are only a few frantic hours left now. Time is running out for so many who are struggling to beat cancer, or waiting to hear news if they have it or not. The day before FFL 2012 began, I lost a beloved aunt to a long battle with breast cancer that had ravaged her body over the years. We’d planned to visit her this summer in Texas, we thought we had time, cancer proved us wrong. Just today, I learned my MiniMe’s best friends mother (a lady that we’ve lived next door to Sam’s whole life, who had a growth in her abdomen found, and immediately removed, during a routine exam just last week) is now being sent on to another hospital for further surgery because there is evidence of cancer. It’s time NOW to get over to FFL and help find a cure. Money from your purchases can still help researchers find a cure before another year passes, before we add even more stories of how this dreaded disease has touched our lives.

FFL 2012 Review - Agnes Finney

There just hasn’t been enough time to show all the things I’d hoped to show, to shop as much as I’d wanted to shop, to linger thru the sims making sure I don’t miss anything. There just isn’t enough time, not with so many goodies and so many great designs this year!! Here are just a couple more of my favorites. I love the flirty fun Buttefly dress from Agnes Finney, it gave me such a happy, made me anxious for summer and flowers and birds and of course, butterflies.

FFL 2012 Review - Zaara MockGacha2

Zaara, always, always a favorite designer I can blindly buy from and know I’ll be thrilled, has the Shyla blouse in lilac, and an exclusive FFL item (the Sanya Blouse in porcelain) up for offering, and both are must haves for every spring and summer wardrobe this year. Mock has some beautiful eye shadows in a donation Gacha that you’ll want to collect, and here are two of my favorites thrown on with one of my top Go To skins for a fresh new look.

FFL 2012 Review - Zaara MockGacha

Erratic, another fave store of much cuteness and sexiness offers up a few goodies too, the Katy Bustier in brown is a must have, sure to be worn again and again staple. I just love the zipper and the studs…paired with yet another Mock Gacha Shadow, I’m ready for dancing!

FFL 2012 Review - Erratic Mock

Nyte N Day, a fave of many over the years, is still churning out lovely and sexy clothing and has not disappointed with this years FFL items. The Crush shirt in Purple is perfect for spring afternoons out shopping and visiting. There were more faves, from Nyte n Day and so many others, but time just goes oh so fast.

FFL 2012 Review - Nyte N Day

With the clock winding down on FFL 2012, our brilliant and beautiful Harper has promised to fly around the FFL grids as a winged pig!!! at closing time if the goal of 5,250,000L is reached. I think we shoppers are up for the challenge. Let’s go shopping and get Harper flying!!!!

FFL 2012 Map – with color legend by category, as well as vendor list by sim.
FFL 2012 Hunt List – Stores with extra goodies priced from 10L – 100L
FFL 2012 Blog – more info on the event, sponsors, vendors, other blogs, and much more important info.
Dream Seeker Estates – who we all thank for underwriting the sims for FFL 2012.

Fashion For Life Items:
Pic 1
Dress – My Precious Fashion House – Agnes Romantic Butterfly – Pink – (DreamSeeker Volta)

Pic 2
Top – Zaara – Shyla Blouse – Lilac – (DreamSeeker Aika)
Make Up – Mock – Dalek Copper eShadow – Gacha Prize (DreamSeeker Zeit)

Pic 3
Top – Zaara – Sanya Blouse – Porcelain – (DreamSeeker Aika)
Make Up – Mock – Stormcage eShadow – Gacha Prize (DreamSeeker Zeit)

Pic 4
Top – Erratic – Katy Bustier – Brown (DreamSeeker Zeit)

Pic 5
Top – Nyte N Day – Crush Shirt – Purple – (DreamSeeker Tijd)

Other Yummy Stuff:
Skin – (Pic 1) Adam n Eve – Amaris – Fraiche, (Pic 2-5) Adam n Eve – Natalie – Natural – Bare
Hair – Truth – Valerie – Night
Pants – (Pic 2-4) Zaara – Classic Jeans – White, (Pic 5) Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks – Black
Boots – Gos – Desire Ankle Boot – Black (Mesh)
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Night Rain
Poses – DeePosed, Photobox by oOo

Home & Garden Expo 2011

Second Life’s RFL events of 2011 continue with the annual Home & Garden Expo. The event began Friday, and runs through Sunday the 22nd. This year, 117 designers will be showing off their wares on 10 sims. Each designer has something new and/or specially created for RFL, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the donation.

Imagine 10 Sims filled with some of the best SL has to offer for home and garden related builds, and you have the 2011 Home and Garden Expo. You can wander from vendor to vendor, checking ot each designers donation items – each offers an item or more, for donation for RFL. Take time to explore the builds, wander around and enjoy, or even move in for the duration (that is if you can choose a favorite spot!).

Home Expo

Home Expo is loaded not only with lush garden and inviting home builds, but events to keep everyone entertained. There are various classes offered thru Builder’s Brewery if you’d like to wet your toes with building. Each day offers a line up of various musicians and DJ’s, sure to guarantee music to suit everyones taste at one time or another. There is a Scavenger Hunt for those that like that type of thing, with items donated by various vendors, and a donation price of 25L for each of your finds.

There is less then a week left, so don’t wait much longer to get over and enjoy some of this to good to miss event, and once you go you’ll likely want to go back again and again so as not to miss a thing. You’ll not only feel better by giving back, but you’ll just feel better spending time in the atmosphere provided by some of Second Life’s most talented designers.

2011 Exhibitor List
Vendor Sale Preview List
RFL of Second Life
Schedule of Classes
Music Line-Up
Scavenger Hunt Starting Point

RFL 2011 – Doing FFL at Nyte’n’Day

Fashion for Life 2011 is soon coming to a close, so don’t procrastinate your visit any longer. It officially ends after Tuesday. I’ve much enjoyed wandering the shops this year, there are many old favorites and lots of new names too.

FFL - Nyte N Day and Elikatira

One old favorite I was happy to see at FFL 2011 is Nyte’n’Day. I’ve loved Nyte’n’Day since my earliest days in SL over 4 years ago. Nyte does an amazing job with quality, style and details and many of her fashions are in my favorites folder, some have been there for years now, and I continue to find new things frequently to add to the folder. The dress is by all means going to be at the top of my favorites list, I love it’s retro feel. The skirt would work great with other tops, or a jacket too, for a quick change. The shorts jumpsuit is fun and goes so well with my fave pair of Bax boots. The tights and belt I love, and anticipate wearing with other outfits too…and I wonder how the top would look with a pair of black jeans or leggings? I’ll have to give it a try! I love mixing and matching different bits but don’t get shots of them often enough. Both of these are special colors, just for FFL, so you don’t want to miss them.

FFL - Nyte N Day and Elikatira

The Henley Tee is definitely a favorite from FFL. I haven’t taken it off in two days!! It paired up nicely with a fave pair of comfy jeans for a lazy weekend so I’m sure it’s going to get worn again and again. As with the others above, it’s a special color for FFL so don’t wait much longer to go get yours. I love the Elikatira Lasting hair, in all it’s 12 colors of the FFL Collection so much, I had to grab the Hye hair too, and I love it just as much, if not a bit more!!

FFL - Nyte N Day and Elikatira

As I said earlier, FFL ends soon, so don’t delay or you may end up wishing you’d taken the opportunity to grab all these yummies while helping a RL cause that hits home to almost all of us. Grab a few friends and head on over, turn on the stream, and enjoy your shopping!

Credits :

RFL Fashion for Life 2011 (Thru Tuesday, March 22, 2011)
Hair – Elikatira – Lasting – FFL Collection, Hye – FFL Collection (FFL – Bourke White – Sponsored by Elikatira)
Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Discotheque with Kiss, Zoe – Purity with Terra
Cothes – Nyte’N’Day – Pop Dress – FFL Edition), Affinity II – FFL Edition, Henley Tee- FFL Edition (FFL – Helmut Newton – Sponsored by KMadd)
Eyes – Poetic Color – Frozen Silver – FFL Hunt Prize (FFL – Shulman – Sponsored by WoE)
Boots – Bax
Jeans – Maitreya
Poses – Diesel Works – Clover
Location – Irving Penn – Sponsored by Lapointe and Bastchild, Shulman – Sponsored by WoE

RFL 2011 – Win Win with Zaara and Elikatira at FFL

When RFL’s Fashion for Life opened a few days back, my first stop was Zaara. Always a favorite of mine, at RFL and anywhere else, I couldn’t wait to see what was in store and was delighted to find this fun dress I hadn’t yet bought, in a special edition color. I had to have it, not only did I get to help RFL, but I got a dress I’ve been wanting and in a special color too. It’s Win Win no matter how you look at it.

FFL - Zaara and Elikatira

Another specially colored item, is this favorite shirt from Zaara, which I already had in several shades, but I wasn’t about to miss this yummy new color. Another thing you wont want to miss…Elika hair in FFL Collection…12 colors to choose from, and in this particular style, you get two bang options, thats 24 hairs! I’m having so much fun trying some shades other then blacks. Another favorite, must go to store on my list, is Poetic Colors. They are participating in the FFL Hunt, going on at the FFL Sims. Participating stores have boxes “hidden” with items priced from 10L to 100L. Note my new specs, a newly released pair from Hatpins, one can never have enough glasses, even in SL.

FFL - Zaara and Elikatira

There is still lots of time left to get your shopping done at FFL. The lag is nearly non-existent this year, so with the crowds thinner now, it should be a perfect time to do some shopping. Make sure to switch on your stream too for some great music, which seems to be going on every time I’m there.

Credits :
RFL Fashion for Life 2011 (Thru Tuesday, March 22, 2011)
Hair – Elikatira – Lasting – FFL Collection (FFL – Bourke White – Sponsored by Elikatira)
Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Timeless Treasures Hunt Exclusive
Cothes – Zaara – Svara dress *nude* RFL edition , Zaara – Yauvani top *lilac* RFL edition (FFL – Mapplethorpe – Sponsored by FallnAngel Creations)
Glasses – Hatpins – Ashley Bifocals – Tarnished Silver
Eyes – Poetic Color – Frozen Silver – FFL Hunt Prize (FFL – Shulman – Sponsored by WoE)
Poses – Diesel Works – Clover and Various
Location – Arbus – Sponsored by Evie’s Closet

RFL Clothing Fair 2010

Every year since my joining SL, RFL Clothing Fair has been a must do event, full of clothing designers all over the grid that have come together for this event to launch RFL. This years will prove to be no less an event I am sure. I was fortunate enough to receive early access to this years fair as a blogger, so I promptly snuck in and snapped a few sim shots, knowing I was short on time this week and wanting to get some before all the lag hit. I was completely awestruck at the build of the sims.

Clothing Fair 2010 Skyline

Clothing Fair 2010, the 4th Annual event, benefiting Relay for Life, opens today, the 13th of March at 3PM SLT. It only runs thru the 21st, so don’t wait too long to get over there as you will not want to miss it. The build is incredible and breathtaking, with its nine sims of eight “Fashion Cities of the World” theme You can shop in Paris and London and then go to Rio. This years event involves 150 of SL’s best designers, each creating four, yes I said four! new items for donation to RFL. You do the math, that is an amazing amount of dedication and commitment to this event so be sure to visit all the stores and fill that inventory of yours. After Clothing Fair is over, make sure to visit their main stores too, and show your appreciation for what they have done for SL and RFL.

Clothing Fair 2010 Horizon

There will be events going on throughout the week as well as contests and fashion shows. To keep up and find out more, visit the official RFL Clothing Fair Blog

RFL Clothing Fair 2010

A brief note on lag – All I am going to say at this time is..it’s SL, there are so many variables that go into your SL’ing experience, and it’s even more so at an event like this..so take a few moments before going to prepare yourself for visiting the worlds cities and to try to make it a positive experience. Shut down unneeded programs, adjust your graphic settings. Dress for “travel” to all the cities, a simple, comfy outfit and low prim hair and various other things. You’ll be sure to enjoy it so much more.