New Releases : Dancing with Emma from Entre Mares

Entre Mares has released a stunning new gown, Emma, that will be sure to heat up your cold winter nights when you go out (or stay in) dancing.

EM Emma Full

If you have a special date night coming up and you want to turn the heat up and aren’t sure what to wear, head on over to Entre Mares, you’re sure to find something there that will be just perfect for your evening. The new Emma will certainly fit that order, it is available in blue as shown, as well as a black, purple and yellow. It is lacy and delicate, and yes, it does cover all the necessary parts that need covering. The bits and parts are all well made, and the flex is just right for twirling on the dance floor.

EM Emma Couple

For my night out with my special man, I chose a favorite updo from Truth, and a favorite pair of heels from N-Core. I also chose a favorite diamond set from Alyssa Bijoux, always a great classic to wear on any formal occasion. Add to that, my most fave nails, from Bamboo, in a silvery color to match my shoes and jewelry, and I am good to go be dazzling on the arms of my dazzling man.

EM Emma Dance

Now, no more delay, rush over and grab this gown and the other things, and ..I’m off to do some more blogging and dancing, see you soon!!!

Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Gown – Entre Mares – Emma – Blue, by Sykao Adamski
Skin – Adam n Eve – Siobhan – T3 Rosebud, by Sachi Vixen
Hair – Truth – Midori – Night, by Truth Hawks
Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet – Alyssa Bijoux – Diamond Heart Set
Lipstick – Mock – Plum Orgueil Makeover, by Mocksoup Graves
Nails – Bamboo Nails – Jazzy, by RubyRedRusset
Shoes – N-Core – Aura – Plantine, by Claire Messenger
Ring – JCNY – Athena Wedding, by JD Hansen
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Deep Dream, by Lano Ling
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses –aDORKable – Advent Poses, by Adorkable Peapod
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho
Couples Pose – Luth, by Luth Brodie (May no longer be available)

Tux – Utopia – Max
Hair – KMadd
Eyes – Poetic Color


Look of the Day – Ilaya, Bamboo Nails and Maxi Gossamer

We are well in to the New Year, and it’s high time I do some blogging.  A few things have me excited that I want to blog about, including this look, inspired by the recent weather…icey! Watch for post coming up devoted to this amazing skin by Sachi!!!, but for today however, I want to talk about other things.


Ilaya has made this very fun dress, with a bit of retro feel, in mesh, and I love it.  It comes in a few other shades too, and definitely worth grabbing for your closet. I like the monotone look, great to mix and match with various things.   Maxi Gossamer just keeps on creating more jewelry we all must have.  For this look, I chose the bangles which are available at the current round of Collabor88, and the earrings, are part of a set from the current FaMESHed, which ends soon so hurry on over and get them while you can. I also want to mention these prim nails, from Bamboo Nails. I simply love them!  They are the most easy-to-apply-and-adjust system I have come across yet. With the Hud, you can change both size and length, as well as colors , based on which set you have of course.  These nails are definitly worth a try whether you have been avoiding prim nails, or love them.


One can never have enough poses, and these used here are new from Ovation Poses.   I simply threw them in my main Tillie’s stand, and they are good to go.  Well, that’s it for this time, now back to more shopping and wandering and dancing!  Stay Warm!

Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Dress – Ilaya – A Line Vintage Dress – Black/Bianco, by Ilaya Allen
Skin – Adam n Eve – Siobhan – T3 Clover, by Sachi Vixen
Hair – Truth – Tammy – Night, by Truth Hawks
Earrings – Maxi Gossamer – Ethiopian Cross (part of set), by Maxi Gossamer)FaMESHed)
Bracelets – Maxi Gossamer – Damasc Bangles, by Maxi Gossamer (Collabor88)
Nails – Bamboo Nails – Jazzy, by RubyRedRusset
Boots – BAX – Prestige Boots – Black Suede, by Bax Coen
Ring – JCNY – Athena Wedding, by JD Hansen
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Deep Dream, by Lano Ling
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses – Ovation Poses – Cara, by Halllie Larsson
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho

PurpleMoon on Any Day

I’ve a new found love for gowns, and PurpleMoon is on the top of my list of favorite places to find them.  Recently however, PurpleMoon has put out some mesh dresses that I have not been able to resist, so now we can wear PurpleMoon not only on the special Saturday nights out, but on any day of the week!


First up, the new Trinity Dress, available in a variety of colors, and very fun to wear with my fave Bax boots. At the writing of this, the dress is available for a special price of 55L so hurry on over and grab them all. Mesh has taken some time for me to adjust to. I’ve found, for me, what works best is to alter my basic shape to fit standard mesh that works for my shape best, then be sure to wear the alpha layer included so bits dont show where they shouldn’t. I often have to drop things here or there, I just make sure to label each shape so I can remember what it is. It’s so fun, once you find a mesh that works and get your shape set, it opens a whole closet of possibilites.


Next up, for 60L Weekend sale, I was delighted this morning to see PurpleMoon had yet another new dress out, and I immediately ran over to collect the new Cordelia dress. So fun, I can see a lot of wearability in both dresses. You don’t have long tho to grab them at these prices, be sure to hurry over. Check out the gowns there too if you havent lately, there is much new yumminess, which I’ll be blogging here soon, as I just can’t get enough of that store. Also, I’ve recently become addicted to Maxi Gossamer jewelry, I don’t seem to be able to pass up much of anything she releases any more. This set here, the Tifari, is currently available at the newest Collabor88, so get yourself over there too. Time to get out for more shopping and dancing, see you out there on the grid soon!!! ♥

Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Pic 1 :

Dress – PurpleMoon – Trinity Dress – Black/Red, by Poulet Koenkamp
Skin – Belleza – Elle, by Tricky Boucher
Make Up – Mock – Assorted Lips and Shadows, by Mocksoup Graves, Dutch Touch – Yri Lipstick, by Iki Ikarus
Hair – Truth – Rhonda – Night, by Truth Hawks
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Marrakech Heart, by Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets – Maxi Gossamer – Ramona 77, by Maxi Gossamer
Earrings – Burrough’s – DDee Hoops, by Antoine Burroughs
Boots – BAX – Prestige Boots – Black Suede, by Bax Coen
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Deep Dream, by Lano Ling
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses – Ovation Poses – Lisandra, by Halllie Larsson
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho

Pic 2:

Dress – PurpleMoon -Cordelia Dress – Grey, by Poulet Koenkamp
Skin – Belleza – Elle, by Tricky Boucher
Make Up – Mock – Assorted Lips and Shadows, by Mocksoup Graves, Dutch Touch – Yri Lipstick, by Iki Ikarus
Hair – DeLa – Amanda – Black 4, by Kuranosuke Kamachi
Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings – Maxi Gossamer – Tarrifa, by Maxi Gossamer (C88 November)
Boots – BAX – Prestige Boots – Black Suede, by Bax Coen
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Deep Dream, by Lano Ling
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses – Ovation Poses – Lisandra, by Halllie Larsson
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho

Glamour Under the Stars

Glitter and glamour. Sparkle and shine. Enchantment and elegance. What more could a girl want for her perfect evening of dance and romance.
Entre Mares Claire Red

If you’ve a special evening coming up, and you’ll certainly have several with the holidays fast approaching, you just may want to visit Enter Mares for a bit of magic to add to your night under the stars. The Clair gown is a recent release and is perfect for a night out in glamour, wearing it, you’ll make a lovely addition to any gentleman’s arm. I love how the gold is so well done, it shines and adds just the right touch of sparkle to catch the starlight. Flounces and floof are still new to me but I’m learning to love it all, and this gown offers a nice balance for swirl on the dance floor. Your dance card will be sure to be full all night long, so what are you waiting for? Get on over and get your new gown now!
A Dance In Red A Titanic Dance

If you need a special place for your dance under the stars, make sure to visit the RMS Titanic where you can dance out on the deck under the stars. The RMS titanic offers a variety of DJ’s and Live Singers, ready to help set the stage for your romantic night out in your new Entre Mares gown. The ship is a extremely well done replica, and you’ll also want to take time to look around, take a walk arm in arm with your love, and enjoy the music under the stars, or, inside if you prefer. Hope to see you there soon!!! ♥

Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Dress – Entre Mares – Claire – Red, by Sykao Adamski
Skin – Belleza – Elle, by Tricky Boucher
Make Up – Mock – Assorted Lips and Shadows, by Mocksoup Graves
Hair – Elikatira – Rumor – Black 04, by Elikapeka Tiramasu
Necklace and Earrings – Burroughs – Victoria, by Antoine Burroughs
Shoes – N-Core – Caprice – Champagne, by Claire Messenger
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Deep Dream, by Lano Ling
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses – DieselWorks, by Rogan Diesel
Dances – Humanoid – Cathy Dance (free on Marketplace)
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho
Location Shots – RMS Titanic

Catty Goes to the Ball

I’ve recently taken up a new pastime in SL, dancing. Specifically, going out with a special someone and exploring dance places and live music venues. I’ve never been much of a party or club hopper in SL, I’ve preferred the smaller spontaneous gatherings we in the HG Group sometimes have at stores, homes, etc, even the ones we have in the chat group sometimes (the coffee and various other beverages are always flowing in there!)

Stardust Catty

Lately however, I’ve had reason, and many occasion, to venture out to formal dance places, which of course means, formal dancewear…and since this is new to me, it’s meant a lot of shopping and inventory expansion. New gowns, new shoes, new jewelry and even new hair! One dress I was more then happy with, is from Sascha’s Design. (Special thanks to Harper! Love you!) I’m not sure anyone equals Sascha Frangelli’s skill when it comes to creating floof, and wearing it is sure to make any girl feel like Cinderella going to the ball with Prince Charming. To top it off I found an updo from Exile that worked perfectly, with it’s tendril of curls that don’t quite all fit in the bun, and a recent jewelry release from Maxi Gossamer.

Stardust Dance

So many new things to discover in SL! It’s been so fun, and I look forward to sharing more new finds and loves. See you on a dance floor in SL soon!!

Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Necklace and Earrings – Maxi Gossamer – Angelika, by Maxi Gossamer
Dress – Sascha’s Designs – Aterris – Plum, by Sascha Frangilli
Skin – Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Jamaica – Tesea D, by Aida Ewing
Make Up – Mock – Assorted Lips and Shadows, by Mocksoup Graves
Hair – Exile – Like Lovers Do – Raven, by Kavar Cleanslate
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Deep Dream, by Lano Ling
Poses – aDORKable, by Adorkable Peapod
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho

Catty Does a Post!!!!

Just when you thought it was safe…..

Summer is over, tho it really doesn’t feel like that is possible. My MiniMe has gone back to school, and it’s time to start trying to get things done again at home, and in SL. The summers brought a lot of surprises, from almost losing my only brother, to a week spent at Sturgis during Rally (and another at Lake Superior) and even some new family horses, all of which reminded me just how important it is we make the best of each day we have, and to reach out for that which we love, and to not be so afraid to speak our feelings.


Vintage Fair has begun while I wasn’t looking, and Reghan of Hatpins has created a pair of earrings I’ve not wanted to take off since she sent them to me. They are so well constructed, perfectly detailed and oh-so-touchable, as always with Hatpins, and go with a multitude of different looks and era styles. Vintage Fair ends soon so if you haven’t been over there, it is a must see, many things there a girl, or guy, with a fashion interest, must have.


When I initially decided I just had to blog these earrings since I love them so much, I didn’t know what to choose to wear with them as the possibilities are endless, and I just haven’t been out much this summer getting new things. So, I started out naked, when in doubt, skin always works!! But before the camera pulled away from me for a full shot, I’d found myself in a yummy, glittery evening out dress from Kyoot. I love a short little black dress, or red, or pretty much any other color…but I do need to step out of my own box a bit and find more dressy things, any suggestions where I should shop? It’s time for some new adventures and new passions in the worlds I love. See you soon! XOXO

Credits and Other Important Stuff :
Earrings – Hatpins – What Wrought Earrings – Jet (Vintage Fair)
Skin – Glam Affair – Leah – Spring Breeze
Dress – Kyoot – He Loves Me Best
Hair – Truth – Rhonda – Night
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – IXkin – Black
Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye – Molasses
Poses – Diesel Works – Various
Background and Pose Stand – Tillie’s

Out of the Box : SLDD, Zaara, LAP and Belleza

Everyone knows Zaara, LAP and Belleza, no need to explain who they are, tho it never hurts to say it again when it comes to designers of their caliber, each of these are exceptional designers that excel in what they do. SLDD, short for SL Daily Deals, is a fairly new club on the grid, that will be bringing us some great deals, and sometimes exclusive items, from these (Belleza not included but I just love this skin!) as well as other designers.

SL Daily Deals features select designers which will be offering sale items throughout the month at 10% , 20% and 25% off in their stores. You’ll be able to find them easily, just look for the SLDD signs. Each day, one store from the group will have one item marked down to 50% off just for that day, and it may be an exclusive item, not to be sold again.

SLDD is a Shopping Club, and works a bit differently then what we’ve been seeing in the past. To join the club purchase a Club Membership Card available at any participating vendors store and then using this much like you would a gift certificate to purchase the sale items. Simply wear the card, click the sale sign for the item you wish to purchase, give it a moment to sync and then purchase your item. Take care to make sure you are purchasing it for the discounted price and not the regular price, and also make sure your card has sync’d or you may be spending more then planned. It really is much simpler then it sounds.

Catty Gets Bolly'd

I love Zaara, and could not pass up the opportunity to get an exclusive color, which was one of last weeks SLDD 50% off items, and as I expected, I am loving this tunic. It is available still in various other colors, I know I’ll be getting another or two. I paired it with her newest pant release, and love them too and have been wearing them with various other tops, definitely this will be a regular in my wardrobe, and I will be going back for more colors. I have hundreds of poses in my fave Tillie’s (newly updated 3.1 version) pose stand and a good chunk of them are from LAP, so when I saw she was participating in SLDD’s last week, I hurried over and purchased a great set at half price, and some more discounted ones too. While some of these items (only the purple Zaara) may no longer be available, I thought it was a good chance to not only show off good releases but to point out the fact that simply must follow SLDD daily so you do not miss anything good!

Also, I am wearing a new love, the newest Belleza skin, Elle. This particular make-up is part of the group gift, which as of a couple days ago, was still available in the store if you are a member of the group (250L to join and oh so worth it). I am still debating which skin tones/make-up packs to purchase at this time.

(Credits – (links to all stores in sidebar):Skin – Belleza – Elle – BR SK – Group Gift. Pants – Zaara – Churidar Slacks – White. Tunic – Zaara – Syona Kurta – Purple (SLDD Exclusive, 50% Off, no longer available). Poses – LAP – Bolly Set (purchased at 50% off SLDD, no longer available at this price). Shoes – Tesla – Vixen. Lashes – Celestial Studios. Eyes – Poetic Colors – Dark Wood. Hair – Audacity – April – Onyx. Pose Stand – Tillie’s 3.1. Location – Personal Home. All items purchased or obtained by my own means unless otherwise noted.